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Seven Hills Foundation

Person-Centered Support in a 家庭 Environment

Seven Hills is the premier coordinator of 成人及家庭护理 (AFC) 在马萨诸塞州, managing over 500 caregiver arrangements. AFC supports seniors and individuals with disabilities who are unable to live alone independently in the community. Participants may live with caregivers who are family members or non-relatives. Person-centered support is provided by a team of professionals, coordinated through Case Managers and Registered Nurses during home visits, 专门的培训, 24小时支持.

Who is eligible for 成人及家庭护理 在马萨诸塞州?

  • 成年人 who are unable to live alone because of a medical, physical, cognitive, or mental disability
  • 成年人 who require daily assistance with one or more activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • 成年人 who are eligible for MassHealth

Who can be an 成人及家庭护理 Caregiver?

  • Caregivers must be able to devote appropriate time necessary to provide needed personal care to the participant to ensure safety and well-being at all times.
  • The caregiver can be a family member (with the exception of the individual's legal guardian or spouse) or non-family member who has time in their lives and room in their home and is willing to provide assistance and supervision.
  • Caregivers must be thoroughly screened and complete an application process.

If you are currently caring for a senior or family member with a disability, you may qualify for this program. If you are looking for the opportunity to provide care in your home or live-in care with an adult with a disability or senior, call today to begin the screening process!

成人及家庭护理 Enriches the Entire Santos 家庭


In September 2016 the Santos family, 新贝德福德, MA, made a life-changing decision that today is proving very wise. 家庭 matriarch Gilda Santos, 刚刚过了75岁生日, and her daughter Lucy Marques and her husband, 文图拉, have lived together for years. Lucy has long cared for her mom, who has memory loss and diabetes, and suffers from chronic leg pain caused by back problems. These limitations require that she receive constant care. But Lucy says that until September, when the family joined the Seven Hills 成人及家庭护理 (AFC) program, “The responsibilities for caring for Mom were becoming overwhelming.”

“Seven Hills provides a much-needed support net for us,” Lucy said. “This has lifted an enormous burden from my shoulders and given me more time to live my own life. They help us find dependable community resources and provide excellent nursing and guidance. 现在, they’re helping us research day program options where Portuguese is spoken, since Mom speaks little English. And they’re always available to bounce ideas off and simply lend a receptive ear.” Read more >